Our product lines

The Energy Computer product lines are built with the requirements of specific industry verticals in mind. Examples include the Stona model for stone cutting industry and the Ferrous model for steel industry. We also offer the platform itself as a core technology product for building energy-aware IoT products and services.

Integrating sensing, processing, storage, and automation in a single small footprint IoT device.


Our Stona model is built keeping in mind the requirements of stone cutting industries. Features include tracking cutter productivity, tracking the number of size of slabs being cut, effective utilization of low tariff periods, automatically tripping in case of unsafe conditions such as overloading, voltage unbalance, and so on.


Our Ferrous model is built with the requirements of steel industry in mind. Features include tracking job statistics such as duration and energy consumption, detecting leakage during off hours, and so on.

The Energy Computer platform

All our models are built on the top of our innovative and award-winning The Energy Computer platform. We offer the platform itself as a product for integrating the technology into machinery or providing customized services.