The Energy Computer

The Energy Computer is the world's first IoT computer specifically designed for acquiring and processing energy and related sensor data. It ntegrates sensing, processing, storage, automation, and communication in a single small footprint IoT device, economically transforming your industrial machinery into digital machinery. The on-board data processing and built-in automation functions enable quick low-latency responses without needing to rely on a high speed always-on Internet connection.

The built-in automation features can also be used to implement small-scale automation without needing a PLC.​

Integrating sensing, processing, storage, automation, and communication in a single small footprint IoT device.

Energy Motherboard

Our special-purpose Energy Motherboard features built-in energy metering, battery backed real-time clock for time keeping, fast and highly durable storage memory, extremely low power state-of-the-art micro-processor, extensible I/Os, and on-board WiFi.

Daffodil OS

Our innovative Daffodil Operating System, featuring embedded app engine, enables applications to be downloaded and executed on The Energy Computer. Such application stacks perform data acquisition, analysis, and local decision making. Moreover, the extensible small-scale automation functions built into the device enables automatic actions such as tripping a relay or raising an alarm.

Cloud Network Server

The Energy Computer features a Network Server with API interfaces for configuration and data access as well as third party system integration. The device is cloud enabled out-of-the-box which enables secure remote monitoring from anywhere.


"The Energy Computer saved us more than Rs. 20,000 on the monthly electricity bill, by enabling us to detect and fix significant energy wastage that was occurring as a result of a faulty spot welding machine in our factory.” Nitesh Patel & Mayank Patel, Lunar Electronics, Gujarat

Thanks to The Energy Computer, we prevented 35% increase on our industrial oven's energy consumption and also averted quality degradation on its work output, by detecting failure of the oven's thermostat.” Kiran Rathode, PCB Manufacturer, Gujarat