Enabling smart, connected machines.

What We Do

Would you still use only paper and pencil for your accounting or rely only on manual watch without CCTV cameras? Then for your machine operations why risk being left behind with inefficient and unsafe methods?

EnergiMate is an Industrual IoT startup offering an award winning IoT device - The Energy Computer - that transforms your industry machinery into a digital machinery, enabling you to remain competitive and efficient.

The Energy Computer

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Our technology benefits

Save time & effort tracking your operations

As a busy owner or manager you can’t be always watching machine operations without sacrificing on important business functions.

Be on the top of your operations quickly with our real-time and summary reports.

Detect & act on issues before they cause costly damages

Often electrical and machinery issues remain undetected until they result in serious damages to machine and material.

Get timely alerts before problems such as winding damages or oven fires occur. Moreover, the automation functions built into The Energy Computer can automatically trip the machine or raise an alarm in case of hazardous conditions.

Identify inefficiencies & cut costs

Plagued by delivery delays and deadline pressures? Have no idea how you get a high energy bill?

Identify sources of inefficiencies, energy wastage & bottlenecks and improve margins.